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We scan materials in meticulous detail for digtal design, product development, and photo-realistic visualization.


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What we offer

For the highest possible quality, everything is measured using multi-spectral true color and is stored as linear high dynamic range data ready to be used in production renderers and on-line configuration systems.

Our tools, methods, and algorithms make it possible to build digital models of products and scenes where every aspect including geometry, lighting, and material properties are modeled based on accurate measurements. This enables the true appearance of virtual objects to be simulated so that they can be placed into real scenes and appear as if they where actually there.


Materialeyes scans deliver diffuse albedo, normal maps, specular and roughness parameters measured in multi-spectral color and high dynamic range at a resolution of up to 0.04 mm/pixel.

Each scan of up to 1.5 x 1.5 m is delivered at the resolution, at the size, and in the file format required by your application with meta-information describing the physical size of the sample.

Our fast and industrially adapted technique is specifically targeting scanning of large volumes of physical materials. The solution is flexible in pixel resolution and physical size. Let us know about your needs and we will deliver.

Materials catalogue

Materialeyes catalogue connects design, product development and marketing to the material manufacturers through high quality digital copies of real materials.

Use digital materials and photo-realistic rendering to meet your needs in all stages in the produce development process and order the real materials directly to you manufacturer.

As a material manufacturer you get instant overview and control over your the way your customers interact with and use your materials for their design and product development.


Materialeyes is actively seeking collaboration with both users in design, product development and marketing/visualization, as well as material manufacturers in e.g. textiles, woods, plastics and metals.

Connect with us and discuss your needs in scanning, representation, and rendering of digital materials. Our strategic partnerships give a front row seat in the development of the digital tools for next generation product development and photo realistic visualization.